Category: Nanostories

A thank you to Ance who provided the title (and with it, the idea). First we gave the robots soft, gentle hands and taught them to grab things. Then we taught them to love. Then they grabbed things they loved with their soft gentle hands

The house of the inner mind is, by its very definition, a private place. It takes great skill to look into even a single room from outside, and only those closest to us are ever welcomed inside. Which makes it

It wasn’t, by itself, an overly remarkable occurence — waking up groggy and vague on the details of yesterday, at the end of a trail of passionately scattered pieces of clothing and underwear. I was, however, somewhat startled to discover

And so they spent the summer. Every day together. Laughing. Kissing. Desperately trying—and utterly failing—to fall in love with each other.


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