Category: Creative DIY

How to get MySQL working with Microsoft .NET’s Entity Framework 6

Download and install the latest MySQL .NET Connector. Add [MySQL.Data] and [MySql.Data.Entity for EF6] assembly references for your .NET Framework version (hover over the assembly to see its framework version in its .dll path). Use NuGet Package Manager to install


Lilith’s thrust Lightning swift Velvet lust Crimson rift Twins of death Release is nigh Last of breath Worth the high

“You will not surely die”, said the serpent

Yay, more cockeyed creative crap!

Mortality (beat poem, with MP3)

Lately I’ve grown increasingly fond of beat poems, and when I grow fond of something, I often try to emulate it (badly). so here’s my latest creative fart. Enjoy! :) Download MP3 Modus Operandi – Mortality Lyrics I liked this

ExternalInterface callback exception handling in ActionScript 3

I had a problem. I needed to make sure exceptions (both manually thrown and unexpected run-time errors) thrown by my Flash/ActionScript 3 application were handled, silent failures were a complete no-no. At the first glance, this seems quite easy. One


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