Year: 2012

Yay, more cockeyed creative crap!

Lately I’ve grown increasingly fond of beat poems, and when I grow fond of something, I often try to emulate it (badly). so here’s my latest creative fart. Enjoy! :) Download MP3 Modus Operandi – Mortality Lyrics I liked this …

Mortality (beat poem, with MP3) Read More »

I had a problem. I needed to make sure exceptions (both manually thrown and unexpected run-time errors) thrown by my Flash/ActionScript 3 application were handled, silent failures were a complete no-no. At the first glance, this seems quite easy. One …

ExternalInterface callback exception handling in ActionScript 3 Read More »

Kārtējie mēģinājumi saprast, kā visa tā gaismas brutalizēšana darbojas.

Adam Jensen is one of the most morally complex, charismatic characters out there. I weep for humanity (as I suffocate it with a pillow). I mean, I love Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’ve already played it more hours than any …

Adam Jensen’s moral complexity and charisma Read More »

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