Year: 2016

Background If you’re using relatively new versions of Spring Boot and Tomcat, configuring a HTTPS server with a client-certificate authentication (mutual authentication) is actually pretty straightforward. The information on how to achieve this, however, is not. So once I figured

Contentment with myself is a stool on four legs: Therapy teaches me that I am not broken. Friends teach me that I am not insufferable.* My partner teaches me that I am not unlovable. Money gives me time, peace of mind and opportunities

OK, it’s official, magicians are insane. I checked out a coin trick that I thought would be nice to learn, and discovered that, at a few hours a day, it would probably take me somewhere between 3 and 6 months

Iepatikās. No Alise Romeiko: Es atkal un atkal paistu pie tevis. tik garšīgi no ielas šīs puses smaržo puiši tik garšīgi smaržo viņu mutes pēc sausa sarkanvīna, pēc visām bijušajām meitenēm, pēc bērnībā zaudēto derību dēļ ēstās saujas zemes, pēc

We are the stories we tell of us, to us and others. The way we describe ourselves changes the way we see ourselves. The way we see ourselves changes the way we are.


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