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Everyone know JavaScript has some weird gotchas, such as the already infamous JavaScript equality table. While a good framework / compiled language (such as LiveScript) will let you easily avoid a lot of them, there are things inherent to the

While the described problem is objectively real, this is, overall, an emotional rant. Adjust expectations & interpretation accordingly. It started with Microsoft .NET’s MVC model binding (if you don’t know what model binding is, here is a short and simple

Model binding is the part of the framework that takes an input from a HTML form (or other formats) and converts it into an object in code. So that if you have this HTML form: <form method="post" action="/BindModel">   <input type="text"

Download and install the latest MySQL .NET Connector. Add [MySQL.Data] and [MySql.Data.Entity for EF6] assembly references for your .NET Framework version (hover over the assembly to see its framework version in its .dll path). Use NuGet Package Manager to install


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