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“I have nothing against gays, but I don’t want some child exposed to that.” Someone actually wrote this on a forum about MORTAL KOMBAT X having a gay character. For the reference, this is in Mortal Kombat X: You can’t

A retweet/reply to Halceon’s I support Gabe's returning of Hatred to greenlight. I also support going there and downvoting that game into oblivion. — GH Halceon (@Halceon) 17 Décembre 2014 Because while it’s fully within the rights of customers to

One of the opinions veering on the side of the women-in-games “war” that says representation / sexism isn’t the problem is one that says female characters are badly written, but so are male characters, so the problem isn’t sexism, it’s

Adam Jensen is one of the most morally complex, charismatic characters out there. I weep for humanity (as I suffocate it with a pillow). I mean, I love Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’ve already played it more hours than any

Man jaunā Tomb Raider treileris patīk, pareizāk — tas liek man domāt, ka man patiks spēle. Viens no retajiem gadījumiem, kad treileris vien jau rada cerības, ka spēle būs tiešām interesanta t.i. — labs sižets ar interesantu un cilvēcīgi uzrunājošu


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