I support returning Hatred on Steam Greenlight

A retweet/reply to Halceon’s

Because while it’s fully within the rights of customers to ask vendors not to carry something (and vendors are fully within their rights to agree or refuse), I am, as a general rule, against taking stuff down just because some people don’t like it. It’s actually pretty hard for me to even imagine a game that I would even think about supporting the removal of from any store, apart from maybe something targeted at a specific person.

That being said, I’m not a fan. The game sounds almost exactly like Postal 2, and Postal 2 was a boring, tedious and empty shell of a game that had no engaging content beyond transient shock value & controversy. Shock & controversy wears off quickly, and there’s only so many times you can chop someone’s head off with a shovel, set it on fire, play football and then put it out by pissing on it before fatigue sets in. And Postal 2 was being camp about it, while Hatred seems to be playing it as straight as an AAA “Call of Battlefield” title.

So yeah. I think it’s a stupid concept that will lead to a boring-ass game and will probably be voting it down.

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