Mortality (beat poem, with MP3)

Lately I’ve grown increasingly fond of beat poems, and when I grow fond of something, I often try to emulate it (badly). so here’s my latest creative fart. Enjoy! :)

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Modus Operandi – Mortality Lyrics

I liked this morning – it promised a great day
But as I was strolling briskly along my everyday way
Some random asshole stumbled in front of me trying to say
Something that I can only describe as a bay
I don’t have time for your bullcrap, your shitfaced stare
Showing plainly you can’t tell a brick from a bear
I have to go, gotta run, bye-bye, ciao
What? You want me to stay so you can talk to me now?
Dude, you could sleep on my car and I wouldn’t be half as incensed
As for the fact that you’re maiming my time into past tense

Some idiots insist that mortality’s great
It makes us appreciate life, and what’s on its plate
Without death we’d be permanently in a depressed state
‘Cause eternal life would be nothing but boredom without expiration date
Are you fucking kidding me? Is this some joke?
What kind of a sick fuck would actually want to choke?
Are you retarded? Are you mentally weak?
Do I have to point out what every kid knows, even before they can speak:
You have to be alive to feel anything, and guess what
That includes enjoyment of the very life you’re belittling!

How can you breathlessly talk about entropy
As if it’s a bounty and not the enemy
Knowing everything falls and eventually,
You too will perish soon without hope for recovery?

Your body breaks down over the course of time
You only get 24 hours a day, and that might seem fine
Until you subtract the sleep, food, washing and work
Then it turns out you’ve barely the time to form a coherent thought!
And as your body decays your brain follows suit
Until you can’t even put on your goddamn boots!
Diseases pile up, so the meds pile up too
Does any of this sound like motivation to you?
I say — fuck that, and if it does, then fuck you
If you love death so much, go and marry it, too
I might not have a choice in facing eternal pause
But when I die, it will be murder regardless of cause.

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