Dienas čupiņa #20090406

  • Lielformāta tetris (mamma būs sajūsmā ;)).
  • “Draudzības stunda”. :D
  • Suns uz tramplīna.
  • Rupja šovinista dziesma bez nevienas rupjības (izņemot bitch, kas ir strīdīgs). Satīra.
  • Slaveni mūziķi nostājas pret mūzikas ierakstu kompānijām. Daži citāti:

    In an attempt to have their voices heard, a group of leading musicians have started their own lobby group, the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC). The group includes members such as Robbie Williams, Radiohead and Travis and aims to end the extortion-like practices of the record labels and allow artist to gain more control over their own work.

    In Europe, music industry lobbyists have managed to strike deals with Internet service providers to go after those people who download music illegally. The artists were never involved in these negotiations though, and many of them oppose the aggressive stance of the labels which turns fans into criminals.

    Similarly, Europe is currently planning to extend copyright on audio recordings from 50 to 95 years, gently pushed by music industry lobbyists of course. Again, the musicians prefer a lowering of the current copyright term to 35 years instead.

    Quite often, the deals record labels make for selling music online are vague and the artists don’t get paid at all. Last year we already reported on one such artist who found his music on iTunes, but never received a penny.

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